With over 40 years of experience in the rubber machinery industry, we have developed a guaranteed rebuilding process that allows us to bring otherwise unusable machinery back to life. All machine components are individually studied to decide on their suitability for installation.

The main components, such as the frames and rotors in internal mixers and the rolls in the mixing mills, are also checked and, if necessary, rebuilt to ensure that their service life is prolonged. Those components that can neither be reused nor rebuilt are supplied as new. Electrical components and automation programs are also supplied new to adapt the machine to the customer’s needs, with PLC systems adapted to Industry 4.0.

It is also possible to upgrade individual machine components, such as replacing obsolete drive systems with multidrive geared motors, or upgrading the mechanical or manual approach system to a hydraulic system that complies with current machine safety regulations.

The rebuilding process involves the following stages:

  • Complete disassembly;
  • Component inspection;
  • Replacement and/or rebuilding of invalid components;
  • Complete assembly;
  • Final testing;
  • Commissioning at the customer’s premises.

In addition to achieving a product that matches the performance of a newly manufactured machine, MPC’s rebuilding process achieves considerable energy savings both by incorporating more energy-sustainable components and by reusing essential parts of the original machine.

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